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Thank you for your interest in Field To Fork CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) we are a family run farm in Palisade Colorado. We are very proud to provide fresh locally grown produce to 150 households weekly in Mesa County Colorado including Grand Junction, Palisade and Fruita. We grow a variety of fruit and vegetables on 18 acres in Palisade Colorado.

The farm and our produce stand is open May-November Tuesday - Friday 4-dusk Saturday and Sunday 10-dusk. We are usually harvesting and farming all morning please come visit us in the afternoon.

Our office hours are Monday - Friday 9am-6pm. Please feel free to call for questions. 

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For whole sale buyers please email for product availability. To volunteer or take a tour  of the farm please call 970-216-2642 or email us at fieldtoforkcsa@gmail.


The Mission:

-Making healthy, nutritious and culturally appropriate food accessible and affordable.

-Supporting local, regional, family-scale, and sustainable food production.

-Building and revitalizing local communities and economies.

-Providing fair wages and decent working conditions for farmers and food system workers.

-Empowering diverse people to work together to create positive changes in the food system and their communities.



Think Tank: Spring!

Spring is quickly approaching and we are very busy on the farm planting seeds, ordering seeds and growing plants in the greenhouse. The fruit trees are prunned and the vegetable fields are being disked and prepared with compost for the future crops we will be planting very soon. We feel so fortunate to have choosen this life of growing high quality nutrient dense food for our local community of Mesa County. We love the friends we have made over the years who have participated in our CSA program and have watched us change and grow. Most of our original CSA members are still standing tall right next to us and some of these key members are people we confide in. One member once said to us after we bought the farm and land we now grow on, "We miss riding our bikes or walking to your house and picking up our CSA in your driveway but the food is way better now."

In todays society the one stop shop has become the norm. And we all know the tricks the stores play on us to buy stuff we dont need. Vegetables and meat are usually what pulls us to the store and then we leave with more then we planned. I love going to the grocery store in the summer I love walking right past the produce stand and purchasing the other neccessaties we need for the week. I dont like the check out point of the grocery store. Food prices are increasing and I dont know where my money is going. Joining a CSA is so much more then a value of fresh produce. Everytime you buy something you are voting and I hope you consider what vote you are making each week as you are checking out. This topic is deeply rooted for small farms and the hardest hurdel farms deal with. Our competators are powerful and as consumers we have a resposibilty to make a choice. One way to speak up is to ask your local store to carry more local foods. In Mesa County we dont have a independant grocery store that supports small farms. The small grocer has a big impact on small farms and a crucial point in what keeps small farms operating. 

Many of our long time supporters are avid gardeners which I always find interesting and they love the CSA because they can still recieve the weekly bounty and not have to thin out their gardens to fast.  They still have the enjoyment of gardening and can really maintain and grow full mature plants. If you have ever grown a vegetable garden it can be a bit expensive and time consuming. Seeds, soil, plants irrigation and more quickly add up. Many times our customers are inspred to grow a garden and by the time the spring season approaches houndreds and even thousands of dollars are invested in a garden. In our spring share everyweek we offer plants as part of the CSA share to help encourage the members to grow a small garden or a few plants at home. We enjoy providing heirloom tomatoe plants and basil plants to the members who support us. Many times someone who felt they did not have a green thumb found enjoyment and success in the garden after talking with us or spending a season with the CSA. We have also seen and heard members encouraged to grow a garden and come to us in the middle of the season saying they made to many mistakes and will leave the growing to us. 

Farming and gardening can be a gamble and many times we are crossing our fingers the outcome is greater then the risk. I feel this is how CSA's become such a benefit to each and every household we touch. Together we are growing a farm and every year we get better and sustain so much more then a pocket book. If you love fresh greens and cherries in the spring and watermelon, tomaotes, peaches and sweet corn in the summer as well as carrots, apples and pears in the fall the Field To Fork CSA will fit into your lifestyle. If you grow a beautiful garden and love the benefits of gardening in your life and know that many weeks your garden is short what you love our CSA will definantly fit into your lifestyle. If you are an adventurous cook who likes connecting with new and freh ingredients as well as share cooking techniques we hope to see you at our farm! 

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Photos by Audrey Carlson and Farm Crew