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Thank you for your interest in Field To Fork CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) we are a family run farm in Palisade Colorado. We are very proud to provide fresh locally grown produce to 150 households weekly in Mesa County Colorado including Grand Junction, Palisade and Fruita. We grow a variety of fruit and vegetables on 18 acres in Palisade Colorado.

The farm and our produce stand is open May-November Tuesday - Friday 4-dusk Saturday and Sunday 10-dusk. We are usually harvesting and farming all morning please come visit us in the afternoon.

Our office hours are Monday - Friday 9am-6pm. Please feel free to call for questions. 

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For whole sale buyers please email for product availability. To volunteer or take a tour  of the farm please call 970-216-2642 or email us at fieldtoforkcsa@gmail.


The Mission:

-Making healthy, nutritious and culturally appropriate food accessible and affordable.

-Supporting local, regional, family-scale, and sustainable food production.

-Building and revitalizing local communities and economies.

-Providing fair wages and decent working conditions for farmers and food system workers.

-Empowering diverse people to work together to create positive changes in the food system and their communities.



End of Season Hoedown, Thank You!

Thank you, thank you, and thank you to everyone who came out to the farm Sunday for our annual Hoedown. I must say I think this was the best celebration yet! I know the reason I enjoyed it so much was because we hosted the event with so many of our close friends and CSA members. I loved that many of the crops were still growing for everyone to see the food in the fields. I had a blast and really enjoyed the time we all shared.

What do they say in farming? You reap what you sow! For this Hoedown we timed it so all the food prepared was directly from the farm we used only a few special items and those items consisted of lunch box peppers grown by Blain at Blains Tomatoes. We found some local sweet corn grown around the corner and local pinto beans produced in Fruita. All other items on the menu were grown at Field To Fork. This year all our hard work really paid off and we enjoyed sharing all the bounty our farm has to offer. I also want to thank the musicians for making this a fun celebration. The music was fantastic. Great job, GJ Wild Strings and We Speak Imaginese and friends!

Thank you Chefs! We are so fortunate to have a few relationships with local Chefs. Farmers and chefs make great friends and we both need each other to sustain our livelihoods. It is easy for chefs to buy products from the large food delivery trucks. I know they like the consistancy of the larger distribution. It takes a big commitment for a chef to turn away from the normal routing and build a relationship with a farm and its farmers. Local restaurants have it just as hard with stiff competition and need to stand out from the chain type restaurants. This gives local restaurants the edge in being able to highlight or feature specials with farm fresh ingredients.

We are a small farm and mainly a CSA so we don’t have much to offer for large distribution all of our crops are purchased in the spring by community members who join our farm. Together we are building a farm. At Field To Fork we grow specialty ingredients and have been lucky enough to meet some chefs in Mesa County who really want fresh food for taste and quality. In turn this helps the bottom line of the farm and the restaurant. A few of the wonderful local restaurant owners and talented chefs who enjoy our produce helped make this years Hoedown really stand out and I am thankful for our relationship. To me CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is many things including working with other local businesses that want or support farm fresh food. It does not make sense for a restaurant to buy a CSA share for the restaurant but when we have an excess of a certain crop the support of the restaurant helps our farm as well as reduce waste. This is very beneficial in many ways.

On Sunday the menu started with Matt Chauser from High Lonesome Ranch he opened the event with his “Canapés in the Canopies” he used all farm produce and took us on a whimsical dance through the orchard of taste and surprise. Each taste was hung in a small vessel, which was a surprise of flavor in each bite. “We wanted to hang the “Canapés in the Canopies” of the orchard so the actual act of picking the fruit was mimicked” Matt explained”.


Local restaurant 626 on Rood created a wonderful Panzanella salad using fresh apples, baby butternut squash and fresh greens from the farm. They too wanted to capture the season of a classic fresh modern fall dish. Farm Chef Griff Chiono prepared the fire roasted pigs, old fashion sauerkraut, local pinto beans with Blains fire roasted sweet peppers, quinoa, fire roasted sweet corn and fresh raw salads. We had a selection of sauces including a farm seracha made with black garlic, fresh tomato salsa, and for the veggies a blood plum vinaigrette.


The Apple crisps prepared by Chez Lena pastry chef Beth Branscum were fantastic! The pie contest was so much fun and the pie entries were outstanding! The food, the company, the weather everything was out of this world!! We could not be happier and thankful the food we grew on the farm was prepared with such respect and honor. The main ingredient we enjoyed on Sunday was heart and soul. We all put our best foot forward and felt very accomplished as we watched the Harvest/Blood moon phase into a lunar eclipse. At that moment we all literally put our Hoes Down and our feet up. This was such a special day on the farm!

All photos were taken by our CSA members at Hoptocopter Films. 


Harvest/blood moon eclipse 9/27

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Photos by Audrey Carlson and Farm Crew