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Thank you for your interest in Field To Fork CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) we are family run farm in Palisade Colorado. We are very proud to provide fresh locally grown produce to 150 households weekly in Mesa County Colorado including Grand Junction, Palisade and Fruita. We grow a variety of fruit and vegetables on 15 acres in Palisade Colorado. The farm and our produce stand is open Sunday 10-dusk to the general public. 

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For whole sale buyers please email for product availability. To volunteer or take a tour  of the farm please call 970-216-2642 or email us at fieldtoforkcsa@gmail.


The Mission:

-Making healthy, nutritious and culturally appropriate food accessible and affordable.

-Supporting local, regional, family-scale, and sustainable food production.

-Building and revitalizing local communities and economies.

-Providing fair wages and decent working conditions for farmers and food system workers.

-Empowering diverse people to work together to create positive changes in the food system and their communities.


Happy Holidays! Farm Update...

Hello Friends,
We have been very busy over the last few weeks and first off we are asking for help! We need help securing the plastic skin to one of our new greenhouses Sunday and we need you! 12pm come and lend a hand bring your kids they can help too...

Thank you so much for such a fantastic year! We had a lot of ups and downs this season and we can't wait for more! 2017 is going to be another year of growth in many different ways and we hope you can fit us into your weekly routine as we are offering a "free Choice" CSA with more options to pickup at the farm through out the week and weekend in 2017. Our time is spreading very thin as the farm is changing and growing and we need your support this upcoming season more then ever. We are deep in the planning phase and starting to order seed. 

We still have a long way to go before we are viable and we hope you see that our farm is truly invested in all aspects of the traditional CSA farm business model that we truly believe in. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture although most of the time I feel this is backwards. The agriculture is what binds us to form unity. What the farm produces is supported by the farmers and consumers and in turn we all thrive. Food is life, life is soil! registration is still open for 2017, Please join!

We have a few announcements. We just received a Grant with the Valley Food Partnership to help improve our washing, cooling and storing facility to meet the standards that School District 51 needs to start serving local foods in schools. This will help with all efficiencies of our farm and will help the overall productivity and better serve you and our local chefs and restaurants. We also just received our eligibly to start taking SNAP benefits at our farm stand. Over 40% of households in Mesa County are on SNAP and we are excited to be the first farm in Mesa County to accept SNAP benefits. Mostly we are excited to serve more people in our community and due to all the help from our CSA members and local restaurants your investment in our farm is having a slow ripple of positive economic growth as well as the future of healthy local produce served in District 51 schools. But that is not all we will receive our Organic Certification in a few months and this has been a process that has taken us 3 years. We will be the only certified organic vegetable operation in Mesa County! This is something we are very proud and we hope you see with out the support and encouragement of the community of Mesa County this farm would not exist. 

For the exciting news! This holiday season we have Garlic Braids for sale! These ship great and are a wonderful culinary variety of garlic that we grow called Purple Haze. Purple haze garlic has been grown in Colorado since the 1930's and is a Colorado Heirloom. We have been growing and saving this garlic for the last 5 years. This fall we had the chance to take over the ownership of this culinary strain and posess ownership of Purple Haze garlic. We are now the proud owners of Purple Haze garlic. Currently we are growing the largest standing crop of this amazing Colorado Heirloom Garlic and we are extremely proud to preserve this seed and keep this gourmet culinary hardneck garlic growing strong in Mesa County.


Garlic braids with dried herbs are 65.00 without dried herbs 60.00

We can ship for you too! 18.00 shipping fee


Come say hi! Stop at the farm this weekend we will have the farm stand open Saturday and Sunday! We still have winter squash, greens roots and garlic!


Thank you for all you do!

Scott and Jessica Washkowiak

Field To Fork CSA

3526 front street

Palisade Co

Field To Fork CSA       Palisade Colorado   Community Supported  Agriculture

Photos by Audrey Carlson and Farm Crew